Do T-Boosters Work?

T-boosters are dietary supplements that work by stimulating the production of testosterone (T), a hormone that affect the growth of your muscles.

These dietary supplements are natural; they mostly consist of various herbal ingredients. So do they actually work for bodybuilders? And how do they work for them? You can find some information about these supplements in this article.


As testosterone level decreases when we hit a certain age (most people experience the decrease in the hormone’s level when they turn 30), the individuals that train to build muscles and strength include food add-ons to boost the T level.

Various research studies show that T enhances one’s performance in a gym. It will make your workouts easier and will boost your stamina.


When it comes to strength, test boosters increase your power so you can lift more weight and easily build your body. It is crucial to be strong during training – you may suffer from overtraining otherwise.

Also, since strength itself affects T levels, you will show an increase of this hormone just by developing more strength during exercises.


Dietary supps that affect organs responsible for production of T hormone consist mostly of herbs, but they include other relevant components such as vitamins, minerals and acids. Here is a list of the most common t-boosters’ ingredients:

  • Fenugreek is a plant that has effect on one’s strength. It can significantly increase energy so many people that train buy supplements with fenugreek as an ingredient. In addition, this plant has anabolic properties; it increases proteins in muscles and develops them.
  • TT (Tribulus Terrestris) is a plant that enhances libido and production of T in one’s body. Its properties affect the person’s general vitality. Most users state they haven’t experienced any side-effects.
  • D-AA (D-aspartic acid) helps in losing weight and gaining strength by converting cholesterol into testosterone.


  • ZMA – ZMA is a mix of a few ingredients. More precisely, it includes zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6. Bodybuilders use this dietary supplement mainly to recover their bodies and muscles after heavy weightlifting. As some studies show, ZMA doesn’t actually affect hormonal levels, it aids your body in getting enough sleep and rest. If you don’t rest well during nighttime sleep, both your performance and strength will decrease.


The right combination of a training program and a nutritive supplement will show great results. The more strength you gain, the better your performance will be. Choose a supplement and test it on a bench.

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